A fresh start

I know I’ve been AWOL but it’s the 1st of September and I’ve got that “back to school” feeling. Not one of dread, but one of excitement for something new, something different.

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger I was most excited about having a new school bag, with new pens in a shiny new pencil case (I think that explains a lot about why I get excited over the stationary catalogue). It felt like the new school year was about making a fresh start.

I know that the last few months have been incredibly difficult for some of you, particularly when it comes to work. Either lack of it, changes to the way you work, and for some, even what you might now do for work.

The last few months have made people re-evaluate, and think about life differently – we’ve had to.

So, now it’s time for a fresh start. To do something different.

However, the issue that crops up most for my clients is that they are afraid. Afraid to do what they want to do, afraid to go for what they really want and live the life they desire. So they get stuck allowing fear to hold them back.

What would you do right now if you weren’t afraid?