Know Yourself Coaching Session


A one hour coaching session with a qualified psychologist, including two psychometric tests, to help you achieve your goals.

  • Talent Dimensions Personality Test: measures 10 personality Traits linked to personality strengths
  • Development Dimensions Personality Test: measures 8 personality Traits linked to personality difficulties or risks
  • One Hour Personal Coaching Session: I will help you understand the results of the tests and give you practical tips to apply thm to your own goals


This is a one to one session which helps you to understand your strengths and your behaviours which might derail you.  Knowing yourself, being your yourself and presenting this to others is key to being your authentic self.

Before the session you will undertake two psychometric assessments which look at your personality in all its glory – the strengths and the potential pitfalls. The assessments are done in your own time and are not timed but should take approximately 30 mins to complete.

You will then have an hour session with me in which will go through the results and help you to understand how you can exploit your strengths and mitigate your derailers to be more successful and confident in your career.


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